Owned and operated by Dwayne and Kim Puryear.  

First step:  Call to set up an initial evaluation.   The evaluation will include proper video analysis to determine our path to take with the hitter    

We are currently Full at this time.

276 733-6294

1266 E. Stuart Drive

‚ÄčHillsville, VA  24343

Initial evaluation is 45 minutes and cost 50.00   One on one lessons-no buddy lessons or groups as each athlete is different.

Our most successful students take lessons every 3 weeks and do their drills in between lessons.  If your son or daughter has a good work ethic and wants to take their game to the next level, please give us a call.  Please only serious students. We only take on full time serious students pursuing travel ball, showcase ball, college and pro.  



Blue Ridge Hitting Center

Offering the highest level of Softball Hitting and Baseball Hitting  Instruction

Instruction only- no pitching machines available for rent